Davie Allan - Devil's Rumble

Davie Allan - Devil's Rumble Tracklist A1 Apache '65 A2 Blue Guitar A3 The Rebel (Without A Cause) A4 Moondawg '65 A5 Dance The Freddie A6 Theme From The Wild Angels A7 U.F.O. B1 Blue's Theme B2 Bongo Party B3 Devil's Angels B4 Cody's Theme B5 Theme From Thunder Alley B6 The Devil's Rumble B7 The Ghost Story C1 King Fuzz C2 The Young World C3 The Born Loser's Theme C4 Moonfire C5 Cycle-Delic C6 Blue Rides Again C7 Invasion D1 Another Cycle In Detroit D2 Lulu's World D3 Glory Stompers D4 The Stompers And The Souls D5 The Checkered Flag D6 Hellcats D7 Shape Of Things To Come