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Filter - Title Of The Record

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Filter - Title Of The Record Tracklist A1 Sand 0:37 A2 Welcome To The Fold 7:40 A3 Captain Bligh 5:12 A4 It's Gonna Kill Me 5:05 B1 The Best Things 4:24 B2 Take A Picture 6:00 B3 Skinny 5:43 B4 I Will Lead You 3:22 C1 Cancer 6:39 C2 I'm Not The Only One 5:50 C3 Miss Blue 5:36 D1 Jurassitol 5:13 D2 (Can't You) Trip Like I Do 4:27 D3 Take A Picture (H & H Remix) 4:13 D4 The Best Things 6:36