Why should students choose Rock City?
Rock City Music Company is the ultimate place to learn how to Rock!   Equipped with teachers and staff that live and breathe music we guarantee a fun, yet educational experience for all!  Whether you’re just beginning or you’re wanting to take your playing to the next level, Rock City Music Company can help!

Instruments offered:


Lessons are billed in monthly installments

Guitar/Bass     $99
Drums/Specialty Instruments     $119

In months with five weeks you will not be charged extra for an additional lesson.

Where are lessons held?

All Lessons are held in our individual private lesson rooms. All rooms are equipped with everything that you need including music stands, guitar/bass amps, drum sets, cables etc. Just bring yourself, your instrument and you’re ready to go

Take what you learn to the stage! All students are invited to participate in our famous quarterly “Student Jams”. Each show has a unique theme and encourages students to apply what they’ve learned by performing with their
fellow students.

Students of all ages and skill levels are welcome! Not the performing type?  No problem! We know it’s not for everyone, you are not obligated to participate.

How are our instructors chosen?
Rock City Music Company instructors all have one thing in common… experience!  Some of our instructors have been teaching for over 40 years.  

All of our instructors are guaranteed to get the student excited about playing the instrument of choice in a way that keeps them interested and informed.

Our number one priority? YOU, the student!

All of our instructors are required to pass a background check to assure that our students are safe and in good hands!

Why should you or someone that you know take music lessons?
- Music lessons help with brain development
- Math and language skills,
- Increased coordination
- Social and emotional skills
- Can improve academic skills
- Can improve self esteem

How long are lessons? 
Lessons are scheduled in 30 minute blocks but can be extended to 60 minutes for an additional charge at request of the student.

How are lessons scheduled? 
All lessons will be scheduled with our Teacher Zone app and scheduling system. To get on our schedule contact Lauren at rockcitymusiclessons@gmail.com.

How often should the student practice?  
Each student is different. We recommend QUALITY practice over QUANTITY.As little as even 10 minutes a day of quality practice can help you improve!

What will students learn? 
Students can expect to learn a wide variety of music theory including but not limited to :
-  Reading & Understanding Sheet Music & Tablature
-  Understanding Chords & Chord Structure
-  Learning & Understanding songs specific to each student
- Experience playing & performing in a group setting

How are lessons purchased?
All of our lessons are booked monthly and billed automatically to the Credit or Debit card of your choice. All Lessons are Non-Refundable but there is no cancellation fee.

How are lessons Cancelled/Rescheduled?
To cancel a single lesson we require a 24 hour notice to offer you a makeup lesson, or to reschedule your lesson. To cancel your monthly lesson plan, we just need a two week notice to stop billing for the following month.