Nick's Picks

For those that are not aware, I have been a vinyl record collector most of my life. Since I was little kid I would spend the weekends at used record stores, record conventions and antique stores with my parents scouring crates and bins for cool records. I have always been searching to find and hear as much great music as I possibly can! Some albums hit me instantly (Led Zeppelin-II, Kiss-Alive, Beatles-Abbey Road) while others took time (Grateful Dead - Live/Dead, Frank Zappa - Freak Out, Miles Davis - Bitches Brew). The great thing is, everyday I still discover something new and cool and that’s what keeps my hunt going! To this day I have amassed a collection of nearly 5000 LPs. They eat up an entire bedroom in my house and they continue to offer an escape from the daily hustle and bustle of life! There is nothing I love more than throwing on a record and digging deep! I love sharing this passion and hobby with our customers and that’s why having a large and eclectic vinyl department was so important to me when opening Rock City.

Everyday I have conversations with customers about “great albums” or “my favorite albums” or “best albums ever”. It’s an endless discussion and of course always comes down to a matter of taste. The other day one of our regular customers suggested “You should do a weekly album pick with some history and why you love it!” That sounded like a lot of fun, so  I present to you the first “Nick’s Picks” pick of the week! if everyone out in social media land enjoys this, I’ll continue to do it! I welcome all discussion regarding these albums! After all at the end of the day, it’s just my opinion! Any record you see mentioned is available for purchase at Rock City Music Company if you’d like to add it to your collection!

My first choice is Bob Dylan’s 1975 Release “Blood on the Tracks”. Recorded amidst what would ultimately become Dylan’s divorce from first wife Sara. This album offers a bleak and truthful insight into the breakdown of a long term relationship. The album which originally was recorded in New York with various session members made it all the way to a test pressing before Dylan changed his mind about releasing it after his brother told him that, in his opinion, the album would not sell due to it’s stark and bleak production. Dylan then Re-recorded 5 of the album’s 10 tracks in just 2 days in Minneapolis with a band of session players his brother recruited whom Dylan had never met.

The album kicks off with one of Dylan’s most well known songs, “Tangled up in Blue” before heading down a path of broken-hearted impassioned gems.  Every song on this album is outstanding! It’s hard to pick any one as my favorite but if I must chose it would be Track 4, “Idiot Wind”.  A case could be made that this is Dylan’s GREATEST song of his entire storied career. He spits lyrics like venom and with a fury that is unmatched by any other track in his catalog ! Other Key tracks include “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go” (Our guitar tech and instructor, Jesse Manns did an outstanding cover of this song! Check it out on YouTube!), “Shelter from the Storm” and the mini movie “Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts”.

All in all, I can’t recommend this album enough! It’s probably #3 in my top favorites ever! If you’re not familiar, get ta spinning! You don’t know what you’re missing!