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Aerosmith - Rocks Donington 2014

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Aerosmith Rocks Donington 2014 3xLP Colored Vinyl Tracklist LP1-A Train Kept A-Rollin' LP1-A Eat The Rich LP1-A Love In An Elevator LP1-B Cryin' LP1-B Jaded LP1-B Livin' On The Edge LP2-C Last Child LP2-C Freedom Fighter LP2-C Same Old Song And Dance LP2-C Janie's Got A Gun LP2-D Toys In The Attic LP2-D I Don't Want To Miss A Thing LP2-D No More No More LP2-D Come Together LP3-E Dude (Looks Like A Lady) LP3-E Walk This Way LP3-E Home Tonight LP3-E Dream On LP3-F Sweet Emotion LP3-F Mama Kin DVD-1 Train Kept A-Rollin' DVD-2 Eat The Rich DVD-3 Love In An Elevator DVD-4 Cryin' DVD-5 Jaded DVD-6 Livin' On The Edge DVD-7 Last Child DVD-8 Freedom Fighter DVD-9 Same Old Song And Dance DVD-10 Janie's Got A Gun DVD-11 Toys In The Attic DVD-12 I Don't Want To Miss A Thing DVD-13 No More No More DVD-14 Come Together DVD-15 Dude (Looks Like A Lady) DVD-16 Walk This Way DVD-17 Home Tonight DVD-18 Dream On DVD-19 Sweet Emotion DVD-20 Mama Kin Notes Trifold cover. DVD run time: 105 minutes. Region: 0.