All Them Witches - Live On The Internet

All Them Witches - Live On The Internet Tracklist

Side A

1 - Blood And Sand / Milk And Endless Waters 2 - Dirt Preachers

Side B

1 - Saturnine & Iron Jaw 2 - 41 3 - When God Comes Back

Side C

1 - Alabaster 2 - Diamond

Side D

1 - 1x1 2 - 3-5-7 3 - The Marriage Of Coyote Woman

Side E

1 - Charles William 2 - Rats In Ruin

Side F

1 - Open Passageways 2 - Enemy Of My Enemy 3 - Everest 4 - Bulls] Notes Black Friday RSD 2021 All Them Witches are known for their loud and lengthy live shows. 2020 found the band releasing their critically acclaimed album, Nothing As The Ideal. An album release from this band would traditionally be followed by a lengthy 18-month tour across the globe, but due to an international pandemic, the band's touring plans were brought to a halt. This did not stop All Them Witches from assembling in a studio to broadcast a live set for their fans. The set was roundly received as an amazing performance and fans immediately inquired as to whether or not this show would be available on vinyl. New West Records is proud to present All Them Witches - LIVE ON THE INTERNET. This 16-song set will be pressed on six variations of color vinyl across three LPs, housed in an individually numbered, foil-stamped wide spine jacket with spot gloss. Color variations include turquoise, black, white, pink, metallic silver, or metallic gold mixed with sea glass. Also includes an 11" x 11" insert.