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Animal Collective - Feels

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Animal Collective - Feels Double vinyl LP pressing. Includes digital download. Feels is the band's sixth studio album originally released in 2008 an features all four band member - Avey Tare, Deakin, Geologist, and Panda Bear. Tracklist A1 Dome Yard 1:18 A2 Eye In The Sky 2:41 A3 Boxing & Breathing 2:03 A4 Scavengers 1:50 A5 Wake Up Ryan 1:40 A6 Benz's Dream 2:37 A7 Sloppy's Dream 1:36 A8 Sand That Moves 3:38 B1 Over The Sangre De Christo 1:17 B2 EBS 0:41 B3 Sad Boy Sleeping 1:52 B4 Ramshack 1:54 B5 Smoke & Broken Mirror 1:55 B6 Zapata Falls 4:37 B7 Oh California 1:34 B8 Cotton Candy Sky (Dead God Theme) 3:40