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Animals As Leaders - ST

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Animals As Leaders - ST Tracklist A1 Tempting Time 5:23 A2 Soraya 4:27 A3 Thoroughly At Home 4:02 A4 On Impulse 6:09 B1 Tessitura 1:06 B2 Behaving Badly 4:26 B3 The Price Of Everything And The Value Of Nothing 5:32 B4 CAFO 6:41 C1 Inamorata 6:08 C2 Point To Point 1:44 C3 Modern Meat 2:06 C4 Song Of Solomon 4:16 D1 Wave of Babies 5:29 D2 Kalimba (previously unreleased) 6:38 D3 Orea (Demo) 1:57 Notes Dew Drop Green & Dark Sky Blue