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Beach House - Teen Dream

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Beach House - Teen Dream Tracklist A1 –Beach House Zebra 4:48 A2 –Beach House Silver Soul 4:58 A3 –Beach House Norway 3:54 B1 –Beach House Walk In The Park 5:22 B2 –Beach House Used To Be 3:58 C1 –Beach House Lover Of Mine 5:06 C2 –Beach House Better Times 4:23 D1 –Beach House 10 Mile Stereo 5:03 D2 –Beach House Real Love 5:20 D3 –Beach House Take Care 5:48 DVD-1 –Beach House Used To Be 4:00 DVD-2 –Beach House Better Times 4:20 DVD-3 –Beach House Walk In The Park 5:22 DVD-4 –Beach House Zebra 4:47 DVD-5 –Beach House 10 Mile Stereo 5:05 DVD-6 –Beach House Silver Soul 5:24 DVD-7 –Beach House Lover Of Mine 5:17 DVD-8 –Showbeast & Beach House Norway (Snorway) 5:15 DVD-9 –Beach House Real Love 5:20 DVD-10 –Beach House Take Care 4:43 DVD-11 –Showbeast & Beach House Snorway 5:15