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Bo Diddley - The Best Of

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Bo Diddley - The Best Of Tracklist A1 Bo Diddley 2:45 A2 You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover 3:15 A3 Road Runner 2:51 A4 I'm Bad 3:16 A5 Pretty Thing 2:46 A6 Crawdad 2:29 A7 I Can Tell 4:34 A8 Diddy Wah Diddy 2:27 A9 Say Man 3:13 B1 I'm A Man 2:46 B2 My Babe 1:51 B3 Oh Yeah 3:09 B4 Gunslinger 1:55 B5 Cracking' Up 2:07 B6 Diddley Daddy 2:28 B7 Put The Shoes On Willie 2:38 B8 Story Of Bo Diddley 2:53 B9 Say Man, Back Again 2:58 NNOW9760214.1