BOSS Katana Cabinet -KTN-C212W

The Katana Cabinet 212 Waza is the perfect match for the flagship Katana-Artist MkII Head. This robust cab features a 2x12 configuration loaded with custom Waza speakers, delivering ultimate rock tones inspired by the benchmark British stack speakers from the 1960s. Two cabinets can be stacked to create a clean 4x12 setup, and the versatile design features a removable panel for closed-back or open-back operation.

Main Features

• Flagship Katana cabinet loaded with two 12-inch BOSS Waza speakers for the ultimate rock tone

• Perfectly matched for the Katana-Artist MkII Head

• Waza speakers deliver benchmark ’60s-era tones with tight lows, resonant mids, and smooth high end

• Construction tuned to maximize the Waza speaker character

• Detachable back panel section for closed-back and open-back tones from one cab

• Create a clean 4x12 setup by stacking two cabinets

• Additional rubber feet for using the cab in a vertical configuration

• Cabinet impedance: 16 ohms