Buzzcocks - 30 Live In London

Buzzcocks - 30 Live In London Tracklist A1 You Tear Me Up A2 Friends A3 Operators Manual A4 Isolation A5 Running Free A6 Reconciliation A7 Whatever Happened to? B1 I Don't Mind B2 You Say You Don't Love Me B3 Moving Away From The Pulsebeat B4 Strange Thing B5 Love You More B6 Soul On A Rock B7 What Do I Get? C1 E.S.P. C2 Hollow Inside C3 Why She's A Girl From The Chainstore C4 Speed Of Life C5 369 C6 No Reply C7 Totally From The Heart D1 Time's Up D2 Autonomy D3 Promises D4 Boredom D5 Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've) D6 Harmony In My Head D7 Orgasm Addict Notes Red Vinyl - Limited to 1000 Copies CHYR291827
  • 1.1