Coolio - It Takes A Thief

It Takes A Thief is the debut studio album by Coolio. Originally released in 1994, the album contains the song “Fantastic Voyage” which peaked at #2 on the Billboard 100 chart. The album was certified platinum and received praise for bringing a humorous and lighthearted perspective to often violent and profane themes of typical gangsta rap. A
  • 1. Fantastic Voyage (Timber Mix) A
  • 2. County Line A
  • 3. Mama, I'm In Love Wit A Gangsta A
  • 4. Hand On My Nutsac B1. Ghetto Cartoon B2. Smokin' Stix B3. Can-O-Corn B4. U Know Hoo! C1. It Takes A Thief C2. Bring Back Somethin Fo Da Hood C3. N Da Closet C4. On My Way To Harlem D1. Sticky Fingers D2. Thought You Knew D3. Ugly Bitches D4. I Remember