Dark Tranquility - Moment

Dark Tranquility - Moment Tracklist A1 Phantom Days A2 Transient A3 Identical To None B1 The Dark Unbroken B2 Remain In The Unknown B3 Standstill C1 Ego Deception C2 A Drawn Out Exit C3 Eyes Of The World D1 Failstate D2 Empires Lost To Time D3 In Truth Divided CD-1 Phantom Days CD-2 Transient CD-3 Identical To None CD-4 The Dark Unbroken CD-5 Remain In The Unknown CD-6 Standstill CD-7 Ego Deception CD-8 A Drawn Out Exit CD-9 Eyes Of The World CD-10 Failstate CD-11 Empires Lost To Time CD-12 In Truth Divided