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Delain - Hunter's Moon

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Delain - Hunter's Moon Tracklist 1 Masters Of Destiny A2 Hunter's Moon A3 This Silence Is Mine A4 Art Kills B1 Hands Of Gold (Live) B2 Danse Macabre (Live) B3 Scarlet (Live) C1 Your Body Is A Battleground (Live) C2 Nothing Left (Live) C3 Control The Storm (Live) C4 Sing To Me (Live) D1 Not Enough (Live) D2 Scandal (Live) D3 The Gathering (Live) BD-1 Hands Of Gold BD-2 Danse Macabre BD-3 Scarlet BD-4 Your Body Is A Battleground BD-5 Nothing Left BD-6 Control The Storm BD-7 Sing To Me BD-8 Not Enough BD-9 Scandal BD-10 The Gathering