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Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis

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The Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis Tracklist A1 Farewell, Mona Lisa 5:23 A2 Good Neighbor 2:30 A3 Gold Teeth On A Bum 5:22 A4 Crystal Morning 2:02 A5 Endless Endings 2:32 B1 Widower 6:23 B2 Room Full Of Eyes 4:15 B3 Chinese Whispers 4:06 B4 I Wouldn’t If You Didn’t 4:14 B5 Parasitic Twins 4:41 Notes Limited edition colored vinyl LP pressing. At first glance, Option Paralysis (2010) seems like a highly inappropriate title to describe the constantly evolving output of The Dillinger Escape Plan. But once you're faced with the cumulative power and vision of guitarist Ben Weinman, vocalist Greg Puciato, bassist Liam Wilson, guitarist Jeff Tuttle and drummer Billy Rymer, you'll wonder-right after you pick yourself up off the floor - why more bands don't achieve similar force-of-nature status. Produced by Steve Evetts, Dillinger's music is positively abundant with possibilities. New drummer Billy Rymer began to occupy the engine room that powers the band here. Frontman, Puciato has always had a knack with a bellow that could make reciting a grocery list seem like an exhortation to open the mouth of Hell. But feeling some of the lyrics on Option Paralysis, you can't positively determine if the singer is handing down indictments ("Farewell, Mona Lisa") or feeling emotionally wounded.