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Frank Black - Teenager Of The Year

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Frank Black - Teenager Of The Year Tracklist A1 Whatever Happened To Pong? 1:34 A2 Thalassocracy 1:33 A3 (I Want To Live On An) Abstract Plain 2:17 A4 Calistan 3:22 A5 The Vanishing Spies 3:37 A6 Speedy Marie 3:33 B7 Headache 2:52 B8 Sir Rockaby 2:54 B9 Freedom Rock 4:16 B10 Two Reelers 3:01 B11 Fiddle Riddle 3:29 C12 Olé Mulholland 4:41 C13 Fazer Eyes 3:36 C14 I Could Stay Here Forever 2:27 C15 The Hostess With The Mostest 1:56 C16 Superabound 3:10 D17 Big Red 2:41 D18 Space Is Gonna Do Me Good 2:22 D19 White Noise Maker 2:42 D20 Pure Denizen Of The Citizens Band 2:20 D21 Bad, Wicked World 1:57 D22 Pie In The Sky 2:13