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The Get Up Kids - Four Minute Mile

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The Get Up Kids - Four Minute Mile

Notes: 1997 release, the debut album by the Kansas City, Missouri EMO/punk band. The album was recorded in April 1997 on a budget of $4, 000. It was produced by Shellac bassist Bob Weston in Chicago over the course of two and a half days. The album was released by Doghouse Records on September 30, 1997. Four Minute Mile was well-received, if not a major commercial success. The album helped the band develop a national fanbase, as well as garnering a bidding war over the band from several major labels, including Geffen Records, Sub Pop Records and Mojo Records. The band ended up signing with Mojo.


1 Coming Clean

2 Don't Hate Me

3 Fall Semester

4 Stay Gold, Ponyboy

5 Lowercase West Thomas

6 Washington Square Park

7 Last Place You Look

8 Better Half

9 No Love

10 Shorty

11 Michelle with One "L"