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Guided By Voices - Mirrored Aztec

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Guided By Voices - Mirrored Aztec Tracklist A1 I Think I Had It. I Think I Have It Again 1:53 A2 Bunco Men 2:22 A3 Citizens' Blitz 1:59 A4 To Keep An Area 2:21 A5 Easier Not Charming 1:28 A6 Please Don't Be Honest 2:29 A7 Show Of Hands 2:55 A8 Lip Curlers 2:07 A9 Math Rock 2:26 B1 Transfusion 3:23 B2 Biker's Nest 1:53 B3 A Whale Is Top Notch 1:04 B4 I Touch Down 1:48 B5 Haircut Sphinx 2:22 B6 Screaming The Night Away 1:57 B7 Thank You Jane 3:07 B8 The Best Foot Forwards 2:26 B9 Party Rages On 2:22