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Ibanez Classical GA34STCENT with Purpleheart Fingerboard - Natural High Gloss

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If you're in the market for a nylon-string acoustic-electric guitar, the Ibanez GA34STCE delivers a tone and playability that surpass its modest price tag. The GA34STCE's thinline cutaway classical body shape offers outstanding playing comfort, while its solid spruce top adds extra punch and definition to every note you play. Its satin-finished okoume neck enables easy hand movement, while its purpleheart fretboard encourages complex, fleet-fingered playing. The GA34STCE is ideal for live performance, thanks to the high-quality amplified sound provided by its AEQ210T preamp and state-of-the-art under-saddle pickup. The Ibanez GA34STCE also impresses from a visual perspective, with its handsome purpleheart bridge, eye-catching mosaic rosette, and ultra-stable gold classical tuners.