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Joni Mitchell - Live At Canterbury House - 1967 3xLP

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Live At Canterbury House - 1967 3xLP Tracklist First Set A1 Conversation 5:24 A2 Intro To Come To The Sunshine 0:19 A3 Come To The Sunshine 3:01 A4 Intro To Chelsea Morning 0:55 A5 Chelsea Morning 2:51 A6 Intro To Gift Of The Magi 1:15 A7 Gift Of The Magi 4:23 B1 Play Little David 3:31 B2 Intro To The Dowie Dens Of Yarrow 0:42 B3 The Dowie Dens Of Yarrow 3:22 B4 I Had A King 4:12 B5 Intro To Free Darling 0:22 B6 Free Darling 2:33 B7 Intro To Cactus Tree 1:51 B8 Cactus Tree 4:57 Second Set C1 Little Green 4:06 C2 Intro To Marcie 2:27 C3 Marcie 4:48 C4 Intro To Ballerina Valerie 1:32 C5 Ballerina Valerie 1:56 C6 The Circle Game 4:51 D1 Intro To Michael From Mountains 0:27 D2 Michael From Mountains 4:03 D3 Go Tell The Drummer Man 3:24 D4 Intro To I Don’t Know Where I Stand 2:31 D5 I Don’t Know Where I Stand 3:45 Third Set E1 A Melody In Your Name 4:22 E2 Intro To Carnival In Kenora 2:09 E3 Carnival In Kenora 3:53 E4 Songs To Aging Children Come 4:01 E5 Intro To Dr. Junk 1:58 E6 Dr. Junk 2:36 F1 Morning Morgantown 3:42 F2 Intro To Night In The City 0:51 F3 Night In The City 3:31 F4 Both Sides Now 4:58 F5 Urge For Going 5:21