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Killing Joke - The Singles Collection 1979-2012

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Killing Joke - The Singles Collection 1979-2012 Tracklist A1 Nervous System A2 Wardance A3 Requiem A4 Follow The Leaders B1 Empire Song B2 Chop-Chop B3 Birds Of A Feather B4 Let's All Go (To The Fire Dances) B5 Me Or You? C1 Eighties C2 A New Day C3 Love Like Blood C4 Kings And Queens D1 Adorations D2 Sanity D3 America D4 My Love Of This Land E1 The Beautiful Dead (Flexi-Disc Version) E2 Money Is Not Our God E3 Exorcism (Live In King's Chamber, Cairo August 1993 Mix Edit) E4 Millenium (Cybersank Edit) F1 Pandemonium (Cybersank Edit) F2 Jana F3 Democracy (Album Mix) F4 Loose Cannon G1 Seeing Red (Edit) G2 Hosannas From The Basements Of Hell (Radio Edit) G3 In Excelsis G4 Fresh Fever From The Skies (Record Store Day Exclusive) H1 European Super State (Edit) H2 Ghosts Of Ladbroke Grove (Dub Edit) H3 In Cythera (Edit) H4 Corporate Elect Transparent Red Transparent Yellow Black Clear Vinyl