King Gizzard - Demos Vol. 3 + 4


Side A

Music To Die To Sleep Drifter (Demo 2) Uncolonise Altered Beast I (Demo) Worm The Bird Song (Demo 2) Kelebek Predator X (Demo)

Side B

Tea And Jam Big Fig Wasp (Demo) Cookies The Mother Hen The Dripping Tap (Demo 2) Notes: Double swamp green and red splatter colored vinyl LP pressing. King Gizzard introduce a new collection of demos to the bootlegger series, showing off their creative process spanning many of the most recent releases including the microtonal "KG" and "LW." This collection also features two versions of the epic "Dripping Tap," dubbed, "Music To Eat Pond Scum To" and "Music To Die To." Demos Vol. 3 & 4 (Limited Edition Swamp Green With Olive Green Smoke Black / Blood Red / Bone Swirl With Red & Magenta Splatter Dead Pond Scum Edition Vinyl)