L7 - Scatter The Rats

L7 - Scatter The Rats The ?rst L7 album in 20 years, Scatter the Rats embodies everything that made the band so iconic in the ?rst place—the distortion-heavy riffs and headbanging rhythms, sludgy grooves and indelible melodies. And in their lyrics, L7 achieve a direct transmission of raw feeling, often spiked with biting commentary on the chaos of the world today. Producer Norm Block (Jenny Lee, Paper Cranes, Plexi) Producer Nick Launay (Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) Tracklist Side 1 1 Burn Baby1 2 Fighting the Crave 3 Proto Prototype 4 Stadium West 5 Murky Water Cafe - Side 2 - 1 Ouija Board Lies 2 Garbage Truck 3 Holding Pattern 4 Uppin' the Ice 5 Cool About Easy 6 Scatter the Rats