Love and Rockets - Sweet F.A.

Rick Rubin guided Love and Rockets to a return to more guitar- based songs for 1996's Sweet F.A. While the band were living and working at Rubin's studio mansion, a fire broke out, which resulted in the band losing all of their gear, some of their demo recordings, and nearly their lives as well. A burnt guitar plucked from the debris is on the album's cover. The resulting album was inspired by some of their earliest influences - The Velvet Underground, The Stooges, Can. It spins tales of passion and loss, carried on a fluid, moody throb. Undulating, hypnotic rhythms twine around melancholy lyrics which examine life at a primal level, as ethereal electronic effects play counterpoint to earthquake reverberating guitars. A

  • 1. Sweet F.A. A
  • 2. Judgement Day A
  • 3. Use Me A
  • 4. Fever A
  • 5. Sweet Lover Hangover B1. Pearl B2. Shelf Life B3. Sad And Beautiful World B4. Natacha C1. Words Of A Fool C2. Clean C3. Here Comes The Comedown C4. Spiked