Mellanie Martinez - K-12

Side 1 -
1 Wheels on the Bus
2 Class Fight
3 The Principal
4 Show & Tell
5 Nurse's Office
6 Drama Club
7 Strawberry Shortcake
- Side 2 -
1 Lunchbox Friends
2 Orange Juice
3 Detention
4 Teacher's Pet
5 High School Sweethearts
6 Recess

Notes:  Melanie Martinez's sophomore album, K-12, is another ambitious triumph for the artist. As with her debut album Cry Baby, K-12's music is a vibrant and singular melting pot of low-key hip-hop, soulful pop and indie-leaning electro. K-12's universe is an expansion of the one introduced in Cry Baby. Using lyrics rich with metaphor, songs address the struggle to find a place to belong -including within friendships, the physical world and romantically - even when fitting into society feels like an uphill battle.