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My Morning Jacket - At Dawn

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My Morning Jacket - At Dawn: 20th Anniversary Edition Tracklist At Dawn A1 At Dawn A2 Lowdown A3 The Way That He Sings A4 Death Is The Easy Way B1 Hopefully B2 Bermuda Highway B3 Honest Man C1 Xmas Curtain (Album Version) C2 Just Because I Do C3 If It Smashes Down C4 I Needed It Most D1 Phone Went West D2 Strangulation! D3 Untitled Jim James Live KVRX 3/17/2001 E1 Bermuda Highway (Live KVRX) E2 Lowdown (Live KVRX) E3 Hopefully (Live KVRX) E4 Nashville to Kentucky (Live KVRX) F1 I Needed It Most (Live KVRX) F2 I Will Be There When You Die (Live KVRX) F3 Just Because I Do (Live KVRX) Transparent Orange Vinyl