Outkast - Speakerboxxx/The Love Below

Outkast - Speakerboxxx/The Love Below Tracklist Speakerboxxx A1 Intro A2 Ghetto Musick A3 Unhappy A4 Bowtie A5 The Way You Move B1 The Rooster B2 Bust B3 War B4 Church C1 Bamboo (Interlude) C2 Tomb Of The Boom C3 E-Mac (Interlude) C4 Knowing C5 Flip Flop Rock D1 Interlude D2 Reset D3 D-Boi (Interlude) D4 Last Call D5 Bowtie (Postlude) The Love Below E1 The Love Below (Intro) E2 Love Hater E3 God (Interlude) E4 Happy Valentine's Day E5 Spread E6 Where Are My Panties? F1 Prototype F2 She Lives In My Lap F3 Hey Ya! F4 Roses G1 Good Day, Good Sir G2 Behold A Lady G3 Pink & Blue G4 Love In War G5 She's Alive H1 Dracula's Wedding H2 My Favorite Things H3 Take Off Your Cool H4 Vibrate H5 A Life In The Day Of Benjamin André (Incomplete)