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Papa Roach - Greatest Hits Vol.2

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Papa Roach Greatest Hits Vol. 2 Tracklist A1 Born For Greatness 3:47 A2 Help 3:34 A3 Elevate 3:10 A4 Come Around 3:30 A5 Broken As Me 3:37 B1 Falling Apart 3:08 B2 Who Do You Trust? 3:16 B3 Gravity 4:04 B4 American Dreams 3:23 B5 Face Everything And Rise 3:11 C1 Periscope 3:36 C2 Still Swingin' 3:23 C3 The Ending 3:29 C4 Burn 3:25 C5 Kick In The Teeth 3:11 D1 Elevate (Aelonia Remix) 3:48 D2 Help (Aelonia Remix) 2:57 D3 Born For Greatness (Cymek Remix) 3:11 D4 Top Of The World (Aelonia Remix) 2:52 D5 Face Everything And Rise (Live Acoustic) 3:19 D6 Lead Of The Broken Hearts (Live Acoustic) 3:57