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Phish - The White Tape

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Phish - The White Tape Tracklist A1 Alumni Blues 4:11 A2 And So to Bed 4:44 A3 You Enjoy Myself 0:55 A4 AC/DC Bag 4:09 A5 Fuck Your Face 2:16 A6 The Divided Sky 1:17 A7 Slave to the Traffic Light 4:35 A8 Aftermath 2:55 A9 Ingest 1:38 B1 NO2 7:38 B2 Fluff's Travels 1:22 B3 Dog Gone Dog 4:03 B4 He Ent to the Bog 3:56 B5 Run Like an Antelope 6:41 B6 Minkin 3:00 B7 Letter to Jimmy Page 1:17 Silver /White Splatter Vinyl