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Pixies, The - Trompe Le Monde

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Pixies, The - Trompe Le Monde Tracklist - Disc 1 - 1 Trompe Le Monde 2 Planet of Sound 3 Alec Eiffel 4 The Sad Punk 5 Head on 6 U-Mass 7 Palace of the Brine 8 Letter to Memphis - Disc 2 - 1 Bird Dream of the Olympus Mons 2 Space (I Believe in 3 Subbacultcha 4 Distance Equals Rate Times Three 5 Lovely Day 6 Motorway to Roswell 7 The Navajo Know Tracklist A1 Trompe Le Monde A2 Planet Of Sound A3 Alec Eiffel A4 The Sad Punk A5 Head On A6 U-Mass A7 Palace Of The Brine A8 Letter To Memphis B1 Bird Dream Of The Olympus Mons B2 Space (I Believe In) B3 Subbacultcha B4 Distance Equals Rate Times Time B5 Lovely Day B6 Motorway To Roswell B7 The Navajo Know Notes Green Vinyl