Primal Scream - Give Out But Don't Give Up

Primal Scream - Give Out But Don't Give Up Tracklist 1 Jailbird 2 Rocks 3 Call on Me 4 Everybody Needs Somebody 5 Sad and Blue 6 Big Jet Plane 7 Free 8 Jesus1 9 Cry Myself Blind 10 Billy/To Love Someone 11 Memphis Groove (Improvised Song Jam) 12 Sad and Blue (Early Rehearsal Jam) 13 Call on Me (Monitor Mix) 14 Big Jet Plane (Early Rehearsal Jam/Tom Dowd Instructions) 15 Free (Bobby Vocal/Full Band Rehearsal Jam) 16 Everybody Needs Somebody (Alternate Recording) 17 Blue Moon of Kentucky/Trying to Get to You 18 Jailbird Guitar 19 Jesus (Monitor Mix) 20 Funky Jam (Original Recording) 21 Free (Early Rehearsal Sitar/Piano/Bobby Vocal) 22 Cry Myself Blind (Monitor Mix) / Big Jet Plane (Sitar Version) 23 All I Have to Do Is Dream Notes Run Out Groove Pressing