Rancid - Indestructible (Anniversary Edition - Redish w/ Black Galaxy Vinyl)


Side A

  • 1. Indestructible3 
  • 2. Fall Back Down4 
  • 3. Red Hot Moon5 
  • 4. David Courtney6 
  • 5. Start Now7 

Side B

  • 1. Out of Control9 
  • 2. Django10 
  • 3. Arrested in Shanghai11 
  • 4. Travis Bickle1 

Side C

  • 1. Memphis3 
  • 2. Spirit of '874 
  • 3. Ghost Band5 
  • 4. Tropical London6 
  • 5. Roadblock7 
  • 6. Born Frustrated8 

Side D

  • 1. Back Up Against the Wall10 
  • 2. Ivory Coast11 
  • 3. Stand Your Ground12 
  • 4. Otherside13 
  • 5. Killing Zone (Bonus Track) Notes: Redish W/ Black Galaxy. Drawing from and amplifying upon Rancid's entire body of work, Indestructible is a testament to the durability of the human spirit, and to the positive power that music can have in our lives. Perhaps their most personal album to date on Indestructible Rancid takes us along on an unforgettable musical journey. Whether retelling true stories from their lives as in the touching "Red Hot Moon", the tragic "Other Side" or the rollicking "Gilman St", or presenting a worldview born of dues paid and tours made in songs like "Start Now", "Against The Wall" and "Ivory Coast", Indestructible is irresist ibly tuneful throughout. On this, the groups' sixth disk, styles range from the long awaited return of Rancid's patented brand of ska on "Red Hot Moon" to the super intense Discharge inspired hardcore strains of "Out Of Control". Like every Rancid CD this one has a few twists and turns and more than enough musical surprises to keep the mix fresh and exciting, but Indestructible also marks a return to the bands roots that will surely have true Rancid fans rejoicing! New repressing on Red & Black Galaxy vinyl to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album.