Sugarcult - Start Static

Sugarcult - Start Static 1. You’re The One 2. Stuck In America 3. Hate Every Beautiful Day 4. Bouncing Off The Walls 5. Saying Goodbye 6. Daddy’s Little Defect 7. Lost In You 8. Pretty Girl (The Way) 9. Crashing Down 10. How Does It Feel 11. I Changed My Name 12. Say I’m Sorry 13. No Action 14. Bouncing Off The Walls (Live) Notes Vinyl LP pressing. Sugarcult's debut album avoids settling into the comfortable, predictable territory of a single genre. Instead, the band brings together the universal qualities from all the music they love. In doing so, the band was able to deliver the three hit radio singles "Bouncing Off The Walls," "Pretty Girl" and "Stuck In America" that ultimately brought them to mainstream success. This release celebrates the 20th anniversary of the album and features three bonus tracks. Gatefold Jacket