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The Dark Knight - OST

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The Dark Knight - OST Tracklist A1 Why So Serious? 9:14 A2 I'm Not A Hero 6:34 B1 Harvey Two-Face 6:16 B2 Aggressive Expansion 4:36 B3 Always A Catch 1:40 B4 Blood On My Hands 2:16 B5 A Little Push 2:43 C1 Like A Dog Chasing Cars 5:03 C2 I Am The Batman 2:00 C3 And I Thought My Jokes Were Bad 2:29 C4 Agent Of Chaos 6:55 C5 Introduce A Little Anarchy 3:42 D1 Watch The World Burn 3:48 D2 A Dark Knight 16:15 Notes Neon Green & Violet Splatter Vinyl