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The Vandals - Hollywood Potato Chip

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1 How They Getcha

2 Don't Stop Me Now

3 My Neck, My Back

4 Be a Good Robot

5 Manimal

6 My Special Moment

7 Designed By Satan

8 Atrocity

9 Dig a Hole

10 Don't Make Me Get My Fat Lazy Ass Off This Couch

11 Guess I'll Take You Back

12 Christian or Canadian

13 I Am Crushed

Notes: Limited edition BLUE/WHITE HAZE version of the infamous 2004 album by playful punk anarchists The Vandals!

This, the band's 10th studio album, included a logo that parodied Variety magazine which resulted in a protracted legal battle that saw Vandals bassist Joe Escalante heroically taking on the Goliath legal team at Variety... and winning! Musical highlights include a killer cover of Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" along with "How They Getcha" and "My Neck, My Back!"