Toto - 40 Trips Around The Sun

1 Alone
2 Spanish Sea
3 I'll Supply the Love (From Toto)
4 I'll Be Over You (From Fahrenheit)
5 Stranger in Town (From Isolation)
6 99 (From Hydra)
7 Struck By Lightning
8 Pamela (From the Seventh One)
9 Afraid of Love (From Toto IV)
10 I Won't Hold You Back (From Toto IV)
11 Jake to the Bone (From Kingdom of Desire)
12 Stop Loving You (From the Seventh One)
13 Lea (From Fahrenheit)
14 Hold the Line (From Toto)
15 Georgy Porgy (From Toto)
16 Rosanna (From Toto IV)
17 Africa (From Toto IV)