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Van Morrison - Latest Record

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Van Morrison - Latest Record Project Vol 1 Tracklist A1 Latest Record Project 5:06 A2 Where Have All The Rebels Gone? 4:14 A3 Psychoanalyst's Ball 5:18 A4 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished 3:08 A5 Tried To Do The Right Thing 4:42 B6 The Long Con 6:59 B7 Thank God For The Blues 5:01 B8 Big Lie 3:42 B9 A Few Bars Early 4:53 C10 It Hurts Me Too 3:04 C11 Only A Song 4:01 C12 Diabolic Pressure 5:27 C13 Deadbeat Saturday Night 3:14 C14 Blue Funk 4:22 D15 Double Agent 4:52 D16 Double Bind 5:24 D17 Love Should Come With A Warning 4:04 D18 Breaking The Spell 3:28 D19 Up County Down 4:55 E20 Duper's Delight 6:12 E21 My Time After A While 6:16 E22 He's Not The Kingpin 4:07 E23 Mistaken Identity 4:27 F24 Stop Bitching, Do Something 5:06 F25 Western Man 3:33 Released in a triple gatefold cover with 44-pages 12x12 inch lyric book in a slipcase.