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Who, The - Quadrophenia (2020 Reissue)

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The Who - Quadrophenia (2020 Reissue) Tracklist A1 I Am The Sea A2 The Real Me A3 Quadrophenia A4 Cut My Hair A4 The Punk And The Godfather B1 I'm One B2 The Dirty Jobs B3 Helpless Dancer B4 Is It In My Head B5 I've Had Enough C1 5:15 C2 Sea And Sand C3 Drowned C4 Bell Boy D1 Doctor Jimmy D2 The Rock D3 Love, Reign O'er Me This version is similar to the 2011 repress and the 2015 repress, but with different stampings and etchings in the runouts. The etchings indicated, that this is a new lacquer cut made by Miles Showell, no more at Metropolis, but at Abbey Road Studios. This would normally indicate a half speed masterings as well, but there is no proof of that. Release date 2019 is not proven, merely deducted from buying date and the fact, that this version has hardly been referenced in Discogs or other Vinyl forums yet (04/2020).